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The publication caters to businesspeople, investors, policymakers, and regional observers by curating and delivering relevant news about Southeast Asia that greatly impacts decision-making processes. Not convinced about an annual subscription? Subscribe for a month and send us suggested areas of coverage to see if we can satisfy your needs.

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By cutting through the clutter, we you save time while you remain informed. We monitor, filter and review a wide variety of media including news, legal, accounting, banking and other relevant industries along with government and NGO sources, to bring you only what we believe to be relevant to an informed observer.

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The Memo is currently published five times a week:

Cambodia (every Monday), Myanmar (Tuesday), Laos (Wednesday), Vietnam (Thursday), and Thailand (Friday). You can choose to receive all or only some editions. The Thailand edition is free in its entirety, the other editions are headline-only unless you purchase a subscription. You can turn on and off individual country-level newsletters at your discretion so you only receive mail that is relevant to your interests.

Hmmm… Do you have any testimonials from other people like me?

We sure do! Here’s what three Daniels and three non-Daniels have said about The Memo:

“Timely, efficient, valuable. Easy reading on my phone while headed to work.”

- Daniel W. Lin, Project Officer, UNESCAP

“As a busy professional, I appreciate how The Memo curates essential regional business news into one easily digestible email. It's a real time-saver —highly recommended!”

- Daniel McKay, Executive Director, CanCham Thailand

“I used to spend hours trying to catch up and filter news I was looking for. Now, Mekong Memo does the heavy lifting, finding me the most relevant updates and analyses. It's a superb and efficient resource for anyone in the field.”

- Dan B. Fraser, Co-Founder, Smiling Albino

“The Mekong Memo is the cheat sheet every businessperson in or interested in the Mekong region needs. It's a small investment for staying in the loop effortlessly.”

- John Stevens, Managing Partner, Stonelotus Ventures

“I read multiple news sources every day, yet The Mekong Memo consistently delivers an impressive array of insightful stories that I somehow missed during the week. It helps fill my knowledge gaps in a quick, easy to digest fashion.”

- Scott Coates, ACC, PHRi, Agoda

“The minutiae of what is happening in the region does not interest me, but it is important that I stay ahead of broad trends in business. The Memo serves me very well by giving me only a quick overview of what’s going on. I don’t need more, and I don’t have time to read a variety of news sources to get the same level of insight as I can get from The Memo now.”

- Mabel Ip, Business Development Manager, Criterion Asia Recruitment

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Almost certainly! By subscribing to receive the Mekong Memo newsletter, you're not just staying informed— you're saving time as part of a network of informed observers. Many of our readers expense the cost of a subscription to their employer. Here is a form letter you can use to make the request: Expense requisition form template.

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